about us

Our membership to professional organizations, such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), demonstrate a commitment to our education by continuously broadening our knowledge and technical abilities whilst gaining new perspectives from fellow professionals within our industry. Offering a more personal experience, we take great pride in being a small, husband and wife owned, family operated company where a strong working relationship with our clients is encouraged to better care for a landscape in need. Servicing most of Monmouth and Middlesex Counties, we provide free estimates for prospective clients of residential and/or commercial properties.

We are ‘Where Safety Meets Precision’

All arboricultural operations worksite equipment is in compliance with applicable OSHA regulations and/or ANSI standards. All Employees are instructed and routinely trained in the proper use, inspection, and maintenance of all worksite equipment and personal protective equipment. All operations are executed in accordance with the New Jersey Tree Care Law.

The New Jersey Tree Care Law

In 2017, New Jersey passed licensing legislation 45:15C-12 (The Tree Expert/Operator Licensing Act) This law states that all tree care companies must be registered with the state of New Jersey, have at least one licensed individual working full-time, provide documented proof that they have administered proper safety training to their employees, and maintain a certain amount of insurance and workers compensation for Tree Care, not Landscaping.

Tree Care is a high-risk industry. Protect yourself from legal action due to illegitimate work practices that may cause property damage and/or worker injury.

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